New Wuthering Heights home page

Today I uploaded a new home page for Wuthering Heights. There are several reasons for this.

First, because I now have three sites (with the possibility of further ones), I feel it’s a good idea to standardise the layouts as much as possible. This makes it easier to add new features and also strengthens the impression that the sites are related. So each site will eventually have the news bar at the top of the page: this will have useful links (such as to this blog), news of new sites and the Bront√ęs’ birthday and death days anniversaries. Obviously colours, typefaces and images will differ for each site but the overall layout is the same.

Secondly, I have decided that the Wuthering Heights site needs updating design-wise. Again I want to create a standard layout to make it easier to add new pages or create new sites. It will be a while before the other pages on the site are updated, probably not until 2018.

You may also notice a couple of minor things. The page names no longer have the “.php” extension. This is just for neatness and SEO purposes (old links with the “php” will still work). The website has been active for ten years now and web design has changed much in that period. As I learn new things, I try to add them where there is a benefit. Second, the site is now “secure”, that is the webs address begins with “https” instead of “http” and you will see a padlock in the browser bar. While a secure server is not that important unless you are sending personal data over the web, it does mean that it will be slightly faster (look up http/2 if you want the explanation).

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